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Bitrule is the final and mature stage of a decentralized, reform-free solution for legislation that is limited by a non-arbitrary idea of freedom. I had the first seed of the idea in the year 2004. Many things had to happen before I arrived at the present version, which I consider to be final (though I'll never stop doing minor refinements I'm afraid). Among these, my understanding of the theory of liberty, the introduction of Bitcoin, my understanding of how it works, my discovery of AI. I have always been and will always be open to throw this project in the bin when I find a critical, structural flaw (i.e. a flaw that cannot be solved but by itself makes the entire project pointless). So far, I have not found it. This project is the best strategy for liberty I can think of, and one which does not exclude any other.


My name is Giovanni Birindelli. I study, write about and teach economics and the theory of liberty. I love learning about Bitcoin, cryptography, secure computing and sharing what I learn in these fields with individuals who value freedom and privacy. I worked as investment banker in London and as strategy consultant in Rome and London.  I'm currently adjunct professor at the University of Milan (Italy), Faculty of Law, where I teach economics.

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